Vagacial (va-ja-cial)

Vagacial (va-ja-cial)

The Vagacial “PATTING THE PUSS” to “Finally, clear your bikini area of ingrowns!” With an “exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acid Scrub, followed by an expert application of an Acid Peel to help free those trapped hairs and blocked pores.” A lot of people who go in for this treatment have ingrown hairs that need to be extracted, and quite possibly some skin irritation from hair removal. Obviously, though, it’s always good to be proactive and prevent problems before they start. People with coarse body hair are more prone to ingrowns, so going in for a vagacial a day or two after you shave or wax could potentially keep away any irritation. You can also get the treatment just to pamper yourself, whether you suffer from ingrowns or not!

Started things off by placing a warm, wet towel on my vagina. Its to help soften the skin. This is breaking the “Ice” for clients before the realness began. Using a gentle skin cleanser. Then an exfoliating AHA scrub to help open the pores for extracting any ingrowns;if there are any ingrowns. When clients do have them, we manually extract them using a pair of tweezers. Next, she sprayed on a green tea acid peel and gently massaged it into my skin. By using a peel it exfoliates on a deeper level, penetrating the hair follicle. It kills any bacteria that may be infecting the follicle, and it treats scarring and hyperpigmentation by brightening and evening the skin tone texture.

After the peel,massage with a calming cream for soothing. To follow with a mask, which also helps to calm the skin and reduce any irritation.

Prior to visit please read carefully below!

When booking the appointment, Beautology suggests wax 48 hours or shave 24 hours prior to visit. Your skin will be sensitive or very tender and may cause infections if you wax or shave prior to visit. The peel can have a stinging sensation. If you do, you can burn or feel stinging and may have discomfort or irritation.

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