Teeth Whitening

Genuine smile may be one of the most flattering things you can wear. Researchers have determined that people who are smiling are generally considered more sincere, friendly and more attractive. People tend to believe that those with glowing smiles have equally brilliant personalities. If a stained smile is holding you back,whitening solutions for many types of stains, including those from:

• Coffee
• Nicotine
• Wine
• Soft drinks
• Energy drinks
• Curries
• Berries
• Sauces
• Tea

In-office treatments are different. They are performed in our office the supervision of a dental professionals. Your teeth will be prepared for of the solution, and then your gums and lips will be protected. The solution is then applied directly to your teeth. A high-intensity light is used to allow the solution to penetrate more quickly and power away stains that are located deep inside your teeth. In-office whitening treatments last about an hour, and your teeth will be between six and 10 shades brighter when it is finished.

Keep your new smile brighter longer by maintaining good dental hygiene after your procedure. Brushing twice daily and flossing daily can reduce plaque and tartar buildup so that the natural whiteness of your teeth can shine through. Regular cleanings can help polish away superficial stains and keep your smile clean and healthy. Touch-up kits, which can help bleach away stains before they build up again, are also available.

After Care:
Please use sensodyne toothpaste for your teeth.
Also use salt and warm water to heal any abrasions that might have made your lips or gums sensitive.

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