Full List of Services

Welcome to beautologyskinandboutique.com. Our trained & talented Skin Therapists & Estheticians are here to serve you. Please see below for a full list of our services.

Call (408) 917-9625 or email [email protected] for more information.

All Facials from Basic to Specialty

Customized Facials

Acne, Exfoliation, Chemical, Organic, Lactic Free, Paraben Free, Teen, CAVIER
Specialty Facials (Call for additional details)
$55.00 and up (Extractions $15.00 additional)
Stem Cell & Facial $200.00
Learn more about stem cell facials.

Facial Chemical & Oxygen Peels

$70.00 first session or 3 sessions for $195.00

All Mask

(Gold,Snail,Collagen etc.. Call for details)
Learn more about chemical & oxygen peels.

Crystal, Hydro Jet, Diamond
1st session $70.00, 3 sessions $195.00
LED,Microcurrent,High Frequency
Only $50.00.
Learn more about our Dermabrasion services.

Scalp Therapy, Hair Regrowth
$2,000.00, 5 month procedure.

Foot Treatments+Chemical Foot Treatments
Starting at $50.00. Please ask for a quote.
Knee,Elbow+Chemical Treatments
Back Treatments+Chemical Back Treatments
Only $80.00

Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Facial Hair, Arms, Chest, Legs + All personal areas. Waxing procedures and prices are taken on a case by case basis.
Nostril Waxing for Men and Women
Only $25.00.
Learn more about our waxing services.

Eye Lash Extensions
Only $150.00 with 1 fill.
Learn more about our Eyelash Extension services.

Lash Lift – Collagen/Keratin or Perm

Lift only – Starting at only $100.00
Lash Lift & Enhancement  – Starting at only $150.00
Eyebrow  $50.00
Learn more about our lash procedures.

Eyebrow Extensions
Prices may vary. $80.00 – $160.00.

Ear Piercing For Adults and Children


$450.00 for 2 sessions. $650.00 for 3 sessions.

Teeth Whitening

Prices range from $60.00 for 1 session to $180.00 for 3 sessions.
Learn more about our teeth whitening services.

V- Steaming
Vaginal Steaming is a painless & highly beneficial treatment practiced around the world for thousands of years.
Starting at $60.00 per session.
Learn more about out V-Steaming services.